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Friday Dec 05. 2014 11:24:24am

Time for a comeback

It's about time. We make way for a comeback here. Our by far best selling and most recognizable Item is coming back. The Diamond Denim jeans Jacket. Go and get one as long as supplies last. This will be a special limited edition. More news soon...


Friday Dec 05. 2014 10:52:43am

New Official Website

The website is now officially After 10 years of a bidding war we finally acquired the perfect domain name for this brand. It started in 2004. was already running fine, but for international sales we were eying on .com. After searching on the internet, the owner turned out to be somebody from Oklahoma. He registered the name in hopes he could cash in on that name.
I told him since I had the Brand registered, there are no other potential customer, but he was very stubborn. This is why it took so long.
Doesn't matter. Whatever is good is worth the time. BBK Bomb King Black Bomb salute!!!


Monday Sep 15. 2014 02:54:01pm

Jeans Town Basketball Court

Live from Jun An city in Guangdong China. The place where good jeans are made. A view on the daytime basketball court nighttime outdoor Bar -B-Que entertainment area. Great place. Our next Black Bomb Jeans will come from this place. Jun An 均安 in Chinese is the town where Bruce Lee's family came from. And Legends like Yip Man used to stay here. Now Black Bomb is here...


Sunday Apr 20. 2014 02:05:38pm

Elmshorn Alligators Jersey 2014 part 2

Finally we can see the new Black Bomb produced jerseys in action.

Congratulations to their successful season opener this Easter weekend.
The Elmshorn Alligators won both games!

We are proud of you guys


Saturday Apr 19. 2014 02:12:12am

Elmshorn Alligators Jersey 2014

Just finished production and already in live action. Today the Alligators are playing their first game for this year's baseball season. Equipped in fresh jerseys made by Black Bomb. We did our best in cooperation with the Alligator's management to really make the best possible jersey for the team. For us at Black Bomb it's a welcomed opportunity to demonstrate our abilities and offer a proof of our quality. For the future we want to make a mark in the fields of various sports. So do not hesitate to contact us for team sports solutions.


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