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Sunday Mar 26. 2017 02:57:36pm

next Projects

Working like a crazy horse these days, but hey. There is a lot coming out these days. Black Bomb Spring Summer collection. Go and get a Kumasi shirt. That is what's hot this summer.


Saturday Dec 24. 2016 02:33:59pm

it's the end of the year. it's Christmas and it's time for Santa.
got a bit stuck in a lot of work, so I had to deliver last minute. Here it is


Tuesday Sep 13. 2016 05:08:52am

Fall 2016

Step by step we will release our Fall collection for 2016.
This will include some of our most colorful styles.
Get ready for some awesome new styles. We know
one thing. Fall is still hot and Winter is still very far.


Thursday Dec 31. 2015 09:51:53pm

Happy 2016

We want to wish everybody a great start into 2016. Let's make this year great.
Make it bang. And get in with style. Black Bomb. Street Level Cool.


Monday Dec 21. 2015 01:23:49pm

Happy Holidays

With this cartoon by Asher Sommer we would like to say thanks to everybody who has supported Black Bomb in 2015. Everybody who has bought our clothing and wears them. Everybody who likes us on facebook and who tells their friends about Black Bomb.
Thanks to the artists who wear our brand, the baseball players, the DJs and the skaters.
The Taxi drivers the thugs, the pimps, the scientists,the philosophers and everybody who
just loves urban music. Hip-Hop, Jazz, House, Funk, Rock N Roll. It's all the same. It's
all from the streets.
Greetings to the place where Black Bomb Started. "Elmshorn" Baby. That's where we from.
Peace to everybody from Accra and Kumasi, All our friends in the Bronx New York, Atlanta,
San Diego, Tokyo, Japan. Addis Abeba, Nairobi Kenya. Lagos Nigeria. Dubai UAE.

Let's make this a worldwide movement. Be The Bomb!

Now enjoy this cartoon!


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