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The History of Black Bomb Jeans

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About Black Bomb.

Black Bomb wants people wearing the brand to “Be The Bomb”.
  • Look great
  • Prouldly represent the garment
  • Be active
  • Be succesful

and do whatever you do with style.

Black Bomb stands for high quality street wear. High end street wear apparel. Garments that make a statement, which can be classic and innovative at the same time.

Black Bomb is not just a clothing collection. Black Bomb is a lifestyle. It’s about exploding. Showcasing your skills. Exhibit your art and just be alive. Be successful. Be in your face, by just being honest. No need for being shy or showing false politeness. Do it as you feel. We only live once, so be it.
Black stands for the origin. All humans share the same origin. We are all originally from Africa, no matter what color we have or which place we are living in. Instead of narrow-mindedness we should celebrate diversity. Be proud of your red hair, be proud of your curly dread locks or be proud of you special green eyes. Be proud of yourself.
Be cool. Be the Bomb.

Asher Sommer is a half German, half Ghanaian fashion designer. He started designing fashion at the age of 16. Before that age he spent his time creating comic books.. Up to now he develops all styles by himself and he is now also doing the tailoring work for the development of every new style. Asher has been starting out from Germany, with many stays in the US (New York) and Ghana West Africa. In 2007 he moved out to Shanghai China, where he oversees many productions of other international brands.


Black Bomb was started in 1997 by Asher Sommer and his then partner Timo Jenschewski in Elmshorn Germany. The whole adventure started when Asher decided to print his first line of T-shirts. Thanks to supporters and friends the first products were sold out quickly so a small t-shirt line could further branch out into different products.
While the first lines of T-shirts were entirely produced in Germany, the next items (baseball hats and sweatshirts) were produced in the USA. Bronx, New York respectively.
In 2000 Asher did the next move. Inspired by many Hip-Hop denim brands. Asher created the Trademark BB Denim Suit. This outfit was featured in the Video “Adriano” by the Afro German Hip-Hop collective “Brothers Keepers”. Asher then moved production from Portugal to Turkey still focusing on denim trousers.
The BB denim Jeans to date have then proven to be his best selling product.

After a 5 year hiatus since 2008, the brand will restart… Now!


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