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Fri 12. Jun 2020 02:15:31

So today we release the Summer 2020 collection. We have added some new styles and we are happy to offer you some of our new digital inkjet printed T-shirts. This is the future and we are happy to already have this available.


Thu 21. Nov 2019 02:20:42

Fall Winter Items and developments for 2020.
We are now step by step putting out the last Fall Winter items for 2019
then we are starting with 2020. The next few seasons will be hot.

Also very important. Please tell all your friends to like us on facebook
instagram or any other social media platform. This will help us a lot.
Also if you are a promoter or an active you tuber. Feel free to contact us.
We might find a way to cooperate.


Tue 30. Apr 2019 04:08:17

We have been using artificial leather for some of our products before. In hindsight I regret using this material. The problem with artificial leather is, it lasts only for highest 4 years. If used often it will start cracking after 2 years. A lot of my favorite designs were using PU and I later had to throw those away. It hurts to leave some of my best designs behind. This is why I now only deal with real materials. Real leathers. I just like the best of the best so I don’t want to offer anything less to the people who buy our products. Since our real leather items are a bit more expensive we had to place them into our “Exclusives” category. Most of the items there are high grade and are made in limited quantities only.


Sun 26. Mar 2017 14:57:36

Working like a crazy horse these days, but hey. There is a lot coming out these days. Black Bomb Spring Summer collection. Go and get a Kumasi shirt. That is what's hot this summer.


Sat 24. Dec 2016 14:33:59

it's the end of the year. it's Christmas and it's time for Santa.
got a bit stuck in a lot of work, so I had to deliver last minute. Here it is


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